Microsoft Azure IoT Developer: Exam Alert: Implement the IoT Solution Infrastructure in Microsoft Azure

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In order to correctly connect IoT devices to the Azure IoT Stack, decisions around protocol, network, and connectivity options should be considered.​

In this course, ​Microsoft Azure IoT Developer: Configure Physical IoT devices, ​you’ll learn to​ configure physical IoT devices in the field. ​

First, you’ll explore​ how to recommend an appropriate communication protocol based on device specifications with a look at the various communication protocols available.

​Next, you’ll also discover​ how to configure device networking, topology, and connectivity.

Finally, you’ll explore configuring firewall restrictions, IoT Edge, and field gateways. ​

When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of​ the concepts around configuring physical IoT devices ​needed to​ pass this section of the AZ220 certification.