Azure DevOps with Azure IoT Edge and the Raspberry Pi – Part 6 – Creating an Azure Container Registry

This is Part 6 of a 8 part series in getting Azure IoT Edge setup with the Raspberry Pi.

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In this post we’ll create an Azure Container Registry to hold our IoT Edge Modules. The IoT Edge Service will coordinate the deployment and monitoring of the Azure IoT Edge Modules between the Container Registry and the IoT Edge Device Pi

What we’ll be doing
1 – Create a Resource
2 – Container Registry Settings
3 – Registry Creation Progress

What we’ll be doing

In the previous post, we setup our IoT Edge Build Pi with the Azure DevOps Agent and IoT Edge Dev Tool, so that we can build ARM32 Modules for our IoT Edge Device Pi.

In this post we’ll create an Azure Container Registry to house our IoT Edge Modules. Edge Modules are essentially Docker Containers, which is why we use a Container Registry to house them.

The IoT Edge Service in IoT Hub and on the IoT Edge Device coordinate keeping IoT Edge Modules up to date. When a new module is deployed, it is automatically downloaded to the Edge Devices.

1: Create a Resource

Go to the Azure Portal and click the New Resource button;

Create new Azure Resource

Enter “registry” in the “Search the Marketplace” search box, and select the “Container Registry” result.

Container Registry Search

2: Container Registry Settings

Hit the blue “Create” Button to start entering the settings for the Container Registry.

First, give your Registry a name, I’ve chosen pjgiotedgedevops.

Next, choose the relevant Subscription and then your IoTEdgeRG Resource Group.

Next, choose the West US Region before finally hitting the blue “Create” button in the bottom left hand corner.

Container Registry Settings

3: Registry Creation Progress

You can now watch the progress of the Container Registry creation by hitting the Bell icon in the top right hand corner of the Dashboard. Once, the Registry is created, hit the blue “Go to Resource” button to navigate to your new Container Registry.

Container Registry Creation Progress

To be continued…

In this post we created an Azure Container Registry to house our IoT Edge Modules.

In the next post we’ll download our Source Code from the Azure DevOps Project we created in Part 3.

Download the Azure DevOps Project Source Code >