Microsoft Azure IoT Developer: Create and Configure an IoT Hub

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IoT Hubs are a managed service in Azure, providing a reliable communication layer. In this course,​ create and configure an IoT Hub, ​you’ll learn to​ create an Azure IoT Hub, which forms the base element of most Azure IoT Solutions.

​First, you’ll explore​ creating an IoT Hub using the Portal and the Azure Command Line Interface. ​Next, you’ll discover​ how to register an IoT Device to an IoT Hub. ​

You’ll then​ move on to configuring an IoT Device Twin.

Finally, you’ll learn how to​ configure the tier and scaling options to match your solution parameters. 

When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of​ the principles around creating and configuring Azure IoT Hubs ​needed to​ confidently answer questions during the AZ-220 Exam.