.NET Core 3 on the Raspberry Pi

In this talk, I take attendees through the basics of the Dot Net Framework, Dot NET Standard, Dot NET Core, what it is and it’s place in the Microsoft Ecosystem.
I then explain how to install Dot NET Core on the Pi and deploy a Dot NET Core Console App.
Once the basics are covered, I move on to adding GPIO functionality to the Console app to provide some real world interaction.
We then add a connection to an Azure IoT Hub.
Finally I show how to spin up a Blazor app.
What you’ll learn by attending this session;
How to get Dot NET Core 3 up and running on Raspberry Pi, Controlling electronics through GPIO with Dot NET Core 3, Azure IoT Hubs with Dot NET Core 3, Blazor with Raspberry Pi and Dot NET Core 3.
Who this talk is suitable for;
This talk is suitable for anybody with basic programming experience and an interest in using their C# experience in the world of IoT

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