Azure DevOps with Azure IoT Edge and the Raspberry Pi – Part 2 – Creating an IoT Hub and Edge Device

This is Part 2 of an 8 part series in getting Azure IoT Edge setup with the Raspberry Pi.

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In this post we’ll run through getting Raspbian Buster set up on two Raspberry Pi’s ready to get Azure IoT Edge up and running.

What we’ll be doing

What we’ll be doing

In the previous post, we got two Raspberry Pis setup with Buster. We configured the two Pis to suit our needs, one as a Build Agent and another as an actual Azure IoT Edge Device.

In this post we’ll create an Azure IoT Hub and add an IoT Edge Device to it.

1: Create an IoT Hub

Firstly, go to the Azure Portal at and login with your Microsoft credentials.

You can create a Free Trial Account here if you don’t already have one.

Once you’re logged in, create a new IoT Hub by clicking the “Add Resource” button and typing “IoT Hub” into the “Search for a resource” box.

Create an IoT Hub

Clicking the IoT Hub suggestion will take you to the page to begin creating your IoT Hub.

Choose a Subscription, create or reuse a Resource Group, Region. Choose a suitable name and hit the “Next: Size and Scale >” Button.

Subscription, Resource Group, Region and Name

Next, if you haven’t already used one, you can choose the Free Tier for the IoT Hub. You can only have one Free IoT Hub per subscription, so if you’ve used one already, then choose the “S1 Standard” tier.

Next, hit the “Review and Create” button, check that everything is in order, before clicking the final “Next” Button.

You can now patiently wait for you IoT Hub to be created. Once it’s done, click the “Go to Resource” button to go to your IoT Hub.

2: Adding an IoT Edge Device

Along the left hand edge will be all of the options for the IoT Hub. In the “Automatic Device Management” section click the “IoT Edge” link.

This screen will list your existing IoT Edge devices if you have any. Click the “Add an IoT Edge Device” button at the top of the screen.

On the “Create a Device” screen, choose a “Device ID” for your IoT Edge Device such as “iotedgedevice“, leaving the remaining settings as default.

Hitting the “Save” button will create your IoT Edge Device and return you to the list of IoT Edge Devices.

Add an IoT Edge Device

To be continued….

In the next blog post we’ll create a new Azure DevOps Organisation and Project ready to house our DevOps CICD pipeline.

Creating an IoT Hub and Edge Device >